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 Playlist 14th November To 20th November

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PostSubject: Playlist 14th November To 20th November   Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:39 pm

Playlist 14 12 15 To 20 12 15:-

Black September(Usa): Into The Darkness Into The Void,
Bloodbath(Swe): Grand Morbid Funeral(Japanese Edition),
Bloodmoon Collective(Can): Limitless Complex(Ep),
Bloodshot Dawn(Uk): Demons,
Beyond Creation(Canada): Earthborn Evolution,
Bolt Thrower(Uk): The IVth Crusade,
Cadaveric Fumes(Fra): Macabre Exaltation(Demo),
Cannibal Corpse(Usa): A Skeletal Domain,
Cemetery Filth(Usa): Screams From The Catacombs(Ep),
Cerebral Bore(Uk): Maniacal Miscreation,
Coffin Dust(Usa): Ancient Rites Of Buried Evil,
Condemnation(Pol): Abyssies Of Anguish,
Corruption Of Virtue(South Africa): Corruption Of Virtue,
Crescent(Egypt): Pyramid Slaves,
Cripper(Ger): Killer Escort Service(Ep),
Cruciamentum(Uk): Charnal Passages,
Dark Legacy(Swe): Ad Extremum Epilogue,
Darkane(Swe): Expanding Senses,
Dawn Of Tears(Esp): Act III; The Dying Eve,
Dead Eyed Sleeper(Ger): Through Forests Of Nonentities,
Death Chant(Usa): Wreckage II,
Decadawn(Can): Solitary Confinement,
Decrepid(Uk): Osseous Empire,
Deicide(Usa): In The Minds Of Evil,
Demilich(Fin): The Four Instructive Tales Of Decomposition(Demo),
Demiurgon(Ita): Above The Unworthy,
Deviant Syndrome(Rus): 66 Ways To Redemption,
Earthrotten(Austria): Predication Of The Past(Ep),
Endless(Esp): Duality Of Personality,
Errorgeist(Usa): Agendas Elite,
Eternal Rot(International): Grave Grooves(Ep),
Etiolated(Usa): Grey Limbs, Grey Skies,
Exorcised(Serbia): Reflections Of Horror(Demo),
Fall Of Serenity(Ger): Grey Man's Requiem,
Forahneo(Chl): Perfidy,
Frantic Amber(Swe): Burning Insight,
Gates Of Ishtar(Swe): At Dusk And Forever,
Ghostblood(Usa): Blood From Beyond The Grave
Gojira(Fra): From Mars To Sirius,
Grave Ritual(Usa): Morbid Throne,
Grave(Swe): Out Of Respect For The Dead(Deluxe Edition),
Graveyard(Esp): The Coffin Years(Compilation),
Haagenti(Usa): Daemonic Incursions(Demo),
Hereza(Croatia): Misanthrope

Ancient VVisdom(Usa): A Godlike Inferno,
Trevor Rabin: National Treasure Score,
Tangerine Dream(Ger): Dead Solid Perfect,
Tangerine Dream(Ger): Dream Mixes III,
Sarah Schachner - The Lazarus Effect Score,
Steve Jablonsky: Transformers III; Dark Of The Moon Score,
Gabriel Yard: 1408 Score

The Dark Knight Rises(2012),
The Atticus Institute(2015),
The Cabin In The Woods(2011),
Meet The Psychopaths(2015: Documentary Series 1: Episode II),
Oz The Great And Powerful(2013),
John Carter Of Mars(2012),
A Nightmare On Elm's Street(1984),
Hammer Horror; Blood From The Mummy's Tomb(1971)

Music Videos From Youtube
Garbage(Usa): Blood For Poppies,
Psycroptic(Australia): Cold,
Beyond Creation(Canada): Fundamental Process,
Cerebral Bore(Usa): Maniacal Miscreation,
Abnormality(Usa): Monarch Omega,
Frantic Amber(Swe): Ghost,
Morbid Angel(Usa): Rapture,
Cripper(Ger): Animal Of Prey,
Cannibal Corpse(Usa):Sentenced To Burn,
Deicide(Usa): Scars Of The Crucifix,
Jingle Cats(Usa): Silent Night,
Jingle Cats(Usa): Waltz Of The Flowers

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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 14th November To 20th November   Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:22 am

Centaurus - Centaurus (Sludge) 2015
Clutch - Impetus (Stoner Metal) 1997
Clutch - Passive Restraints (Stoner Metal) 1992
Ecocide - When The Stars Align (Epic Crust/Doom/Thrash) 2015
End Of Nothing - No White Flag (Hardcore) 2015
Endseeker - Corrosive Revelation (Death Metal) 2015
Extreme Noise Terror - Damage 381 (Crust/Grindcore) 1997
He Whose Ox is Gored - The Camel, The Lion, The Child (Sludge/Post-Hardcore) 2015
Horns Of Domination - Demo 2015 (Doom/Black) 2015
Mgla - Exercises in Futility (Black Metal) 2015
Protection of Hate - POHC - Chapter III (Hardcore) 2015
Secrets Of The Moon - Sun (Melodic Black Metal) 2015
Stone The Crow - Year Of The Crow (Alternative) 2001
Strapping Young Lad - 1994 - 2006 Chaos Years (Death/Thrash/Industrial) 1997
Strapping Young Lad - City (Death/Thrash/Industrial) 1997
Suicidal Angels - Divide and Conquer (Thrash Metal) 2014
Sundown - Design 19 (Gothic Rock) 1997
Sylosis - Casting Shadows (Technical Thrash) 2006
Threat Signal - Vigilance (Melodic Industrial) 2011
Throaat - Black Speed (Speed/Thrash/Black) 2015
Tiamat - Sumerian Cry (Death Metal) 1990
Vader - The Art Of War (Death/Thrash) 2005
Wasted Lights - Doomed Vibes (Stoner Rock) 2015
Wederganger - Halfvergaan Ontwaakt (Black Metal) 2015
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 14th November To 20th November   Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:24 am

Starscream_VS13 wrote:

Cripper(Ger): Killer Escort Service(Ep),

This is their debut EP which I think isn't as good yet as their full lengths. Do you know their other material?
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 14th November To 20th November   

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Playlist 14th November To 20th November
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