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 Embalmer - Emenations From The Crypt

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PostSubject: Embalmer - Emenations From The Crypt   Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:29 am

Headbangers has confirmed the signing of Cleveland death/grind veterans, Embalmer. The band recently completed recording and mixing/mastering at Brainchild Studios with producer Noah Buchanan (Nunslaughter, Solipsist) for the release of their long-awaited second album, Emanations From The Crypt.

The album will feature 10 new, previously unreleased tracks, a re-recorded version of “They Can Smell Our Blood,” and outro for over 31 minutes of pure audio horror. Full-color cover artwork was done by Chris Moyen at Thorncross Designs, with additional interior artwork by Mark Riddick at Riddick Art. The album will be released later this fall on CD, LP, and cassette formats and will receive the full Hells Headbangers treatment, complete with extensive booklet with plenty of photos, full lyrics, thanks list, and some special surprises in the works.

This year also marks the 25th anniversary for Embalmer, who will be returning to the stage Saturday, September 5th as part of the Hells Headbangers' second annual Hells Headbash weekend at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. While members of the band and label have been friends for years, the relationship officially began in 2014, with Hells Headbangers releasing the 20th anniversary edition of the classic There was Blood Everywhere full-length on 12” vinyl, which was originally released on CD by Relapse Records. The Hells Headbangers pressing featured a “Die Hard” picture-disc edition with real meat-cleaver, with the remaining copies on blood-smeared wax, all of which quickly sold out.

Founding Embalmer drummer Roy Stewart had the following to say about the signing: “We are extremely happy to be working with Hells Headbangers again for the upcoming album, and the decision was really a no-brainer. This is a very important album for the band, and after an unsavory experience with our last label, we felt it was important to work with people we trust, are close to home, have great distribution, and an iron-clad reputation for quality products and customer service in the scene. The fact that their headquarters is also located in northeast Ohio gave us the opportunity for a more 'hands-on' approach than would have been possible through another label. This album represents our strongest, most brutal material written to date, and we could not be happier having Hells Headbangers behind us in getting it out to the masses.”

Vocalist Paul Gorefiend added the following: “In our discussions about label selection for the new release, Hells Headbangers was always at the top of the list. I have known some of the [Horval] brothers since before they started the label, and have watched them build it over the last 15 years into one of the most respected and credible labels in the underground. The owners on down to the warehouse staff are all true metalheads, understand the history of the band, and are committed to putting the time and attention to detail required to realize our shared vision of sickness.”

Regarding Emanations From The Crypt, Gorefiend also remarked, “This record is long-overdue, and we acknowledge that. The band never was truly happy with the 13 Faces of Death album, so we worked hard to really make sure this release was a return-to-form of sorts, and true representation of what we feel Embalmer is, and always has been. We went back to the basics and drew influence from the original Into the Oven and There was Blood Everywhere eras musically, peppered in some extra Terrorizer/Autopsy influences, added some crazed Deranged Rated-X-style riffing over the top, and backed it all against the blasting, non-triggered drum assault Roy has become known for. Matter of fact, Roy still plays the same drum-set he bought in 1988, and used for all previous recordings. Vocally, all the elements older fans expect from an Embalmer release are present, from forceful lows, the trademark eeeeeees, and tortured shrieks and highs. I am speaking as a 23-plus-year fan myself, and not a member when I tell you this is the most aggressive, blistering and punishing Embalmer release to date. Yes, the wait was long but definitely worth it, and we honestly can’t wait to get this music out to the fans and hear their feedback!”

Plans are also in the works for Hells Headbangers to re-release Embalmer's Into the Oven (1991) and Taxidermist (1992) demos on gatefold double- or triple-LP, and of course, with tons of unreleased recordings, photos, fliers, and extensive bonus materials which have been recently unearthed from the morbid vaults. This will be the definitive collection for Embalmer's classic 1990-1992 era, and provide a rotted glimpse back to the earliest eras of the band, which previously began as Corpsegrinder in 1988/'89 before the name change.

Embalmer sends a heartfelt “thank you” to all of their dedicated fans both new and old who have stuck by the band through the years, and continue to share in their passion for morbid, bowel-eroding death/grind done the traditional way - accept no compromise!

Source: Hells Headbangers Facebook Page
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Embalmer - Emenations From The Crypt
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