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 Playlist 5th November To 11th November

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PostSubject: Playlist 5th November To 11th November   Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:50 am

Playlist 05 11 18 To 11 11 18:-

Angellore(Fra): Premieres Liturgies - Soupirs D'aurore(Compilation),
Anathema(Uk): The Silent Enigma,
Anaal Nathrakh(Uk): A New Kind Of Horror,
Anthelion(Taiwan): Bloodshed Rebefallen,
AntHill(Ukr): Volume I(Leaving The Anthill),
Antropophobia(Rus): Scream In Emptiness,
Arafel(Isr): For Battles Once Fought,
Aramaic(Dubai): The Fallen(Ep),
Arkan(Fra): Salam,
Arkham Witch(Uk): Weird Tales(Ep),
Army Of Dagon(Usa): Night Of The Mystics,
Artificial Brain(Usa): Infrared Horizon,
As Flesh Decays(Australia): The Horror Of It All,
Ashes You Leave(Croatia): The Inheritance Of Sin And Shame,
Astarium(Rus): Winter Growths (Part II: Demo),
Asthenia(China): Nucleation,
Asunojokei(Jpn): A Bird In The Fault(Ep),
Atrocity(Ger): Okkult II,
Atheria(Swe): Prevent It Forever Be,
Autopsy(Usa): Puncturing The Grotesque(Ep),
Baest(Den): Dance Macabre,
Barren Earth(Fin): A Complex Of Cages,
Before The Dawn(Fin): Deathstar Rising,
Bell(Swe): Tidecaller,
Beneath Oblivion(Usa): The Wayward And The Lost,
Betrayal(Ger): Infinite Circles.
Beyond The Darkness(Bel): Blind Shadows,
Birth Of The Monolith(Rus): Birth Of The Monolith(Ep),
Black Capricorn(Ita): Ira Dei(Ep),
Black Dawn(Fin): Blood For Satan,
Black Hand Throne(Usa): Sheol VI,
Black Kirin(China): Nanking Massacre

Anavae(Uk): Dimensions,
Barren Plains(Usa): Radiant Gift,
Beastmilk(Fin): Climax,
Bella Morte(Usa): Where Shadows Lie,
Flowers For Bodysnatchers(Australia): Alive With Scars(Prologue)(Streamed Direct From Bandcamp),
Garbage(Usa): Garbage,
Garbage(Usa): Version 2.0,
Godhead(Usa): Power Tool Stigmata,
Muse(Uk): Showbiz

The X Files Complete Series X(2016),
The X Files Complete Series XI(2017-2018),
Into The Mirror(2003),
The Howling(1981),
Women React To Extreme Metal Part II(Music Documentary: 2018)

Music Videos From Youtube
Conan(Uk): Volt Thrower,
Antimatter(Uk): Stillborn Empires,
Décembre Noir(Ger): Barricades,
Baest(Den): Ego Te Absolvo,
Sodom(Ger): One Step Over The Line(Official Live Video),
Psycroptic(Australia): Frozen Gaze,
Artillery(Den): Pain,
Hanging Garden(Fin): November Dawn(Lyrics Video),
Toundra(Esp): Cobra,
Spiral Skies(Swe): Awakening,
Funeral Chic(Usa): Fantasy(Official Audio),
The Lion's Daughter(Usa): Die Into Us,
UADA(Usa): Snakes And Vultures(Lyrics Video),
Muse(Uk): Pressure,
Muse(Uk): Algorithm,
Pantera(Usa): Walk,
Rage Against The Machine(Usa): Killing In The Name,
Nine Inch Nails(Usa): Closer(Director's Cut),
Soundgarden(Usa): Black Hole Sun,
Nirvana(Usa): Smells Like Teen Spirit,
Marilyn Manson(Usa): The Beautiful People,
Sheena Easton(Usa): Strut,
Alannah Myles(Usa): Our World Our Times,
Guns N Roses(Usa): November Rain,
Randy Crawford(Usa): Rainy Night In Georgia,
Garbage(Usa): Only Happy When It Rains,
Paula Abdul(Usa): Opposites Attract,
Night Club(Usa): Dear Enemy,
Night Club(Usa): Schizophrenic,
Night Club(Usa): Candy Coated Suicide,
Night Club(Usa): Your Addiction(Official Audio),
Lady Gaga(Usa): Telephone(Transformers Prime: Soundwave),
Psy(South Korea): Gangnam Style Feat Hyuna(Transformers Prime: Knockout Feat Arcee),
Pink(Usa): U And Ur Hand(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Adriana Figueroa(Usa): Spider Dance(Undertale Animation),
Britney Spears(Usa): Toxic(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Britney Spears(Usa): Criminal(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Cash Cash(Usa): I Like It Loud(Transformers Prime: Soundwave),
Violence(Usa): Take A Hint(Transformers Prime: Knockout + Starscream)

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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 5th November To 11th November   Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:04 pm

Aborted - TerrorVision (Death Metal) 2018
Anaal Nathrakh - A New Kind Of Horror (Industrial Black/Grind) 2018
Ares Kingdom - The Unburiable Dead (Death/Thrash) 2015
Author & Punisher - Beastland (Post-Metal/Industrial) 2018
Credic - Agora (Melodic Death Metal) 2018
Dödsrit - Spirit Crusher (Black/Crust) 2018
Farmer Boys - Born Again (Groove/Pop) 2018
Infernal Coil - Within a World Forgotten (Black/Death/Grind) 2018
Project Pitchfork - Lam-‚bras (Electro Wave) 1992
Ultha - The Inextricable Wandering (Black Metal) 2018
Voivod - The Wake (Progressive Metal) 2018

The Spirit
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 5th November To 11th November   Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:10 am

Powerwolf - The Sacrament of Sin (2018)
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 5th November To 11th November   

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Playlist 5th November To 11th November
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