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 Playlist 11th June To 17th June

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PostSubject: Playlist 11th June To 17th June   Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:50 pm

Playlist 11 06 18 to 17 06 18:-

Rupture(China): Rise From The Mass Graves,
Rwake(Usa): If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die,
Sad Tears(China): Broken Mirror,
Sadness(Usa): The Rain That Falls Alone,
Sand Aura(Egypt): Elegy Of The Orient,
Saturnalia Temple(Swe): Aion Of Drakon,
Saturndust(Bra): Saturndust,
Scar Symmetry(Swe): Pitch Black Progress,
Scarab(Egypt): Serpents Of The Nile,
Seagulls Insane And Swans Deceased Mining Out The Void(Pol): Seagulls Insane And Swans Deceased Mining Out The Void,
SepticFlesh(Grc): Codex Omega(Deluxe Edition),
Setekh(Usa): Spectral Lights,
Shadowraith(Usa): Ascendant Of The Insectile Storm(Ep),
Shadowspawn(Den): Hope Lies Dormant,
Shores Of Null(Ita): Black Drapes For Tommorrow,
Sigh(Jpn): Imaginary Sonicscape,
Sigh(Jpn): Hangman's Hymn,
Signalfeide(Nor): Midnight Sun(Demo),
Silent Whale Becomes A Dream(Fra): Requiem,
Silphidae(Taiwan): Noice Cycle,
Sinister(Hol): Dark Memorials,
Sirenia(Nor): Nine Destinies And A Downfall,
Sisters Of Suffocation(Hol): Anthology Of Curiosities

Rob Zombie(Usa): Hellbilly Deluxe 2,
Ruby The Hatchet(Usa): Planetary Space Child,
Sabbath Assembly(Usa): Rites Of Passage,
Samsara Blues Experiment(Ger): One With The Universe,
Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave(Hol): Queen Of Darkness,
The Blackheart Orchestra(Uk): Diving For Roses(Streamed Direct From Bandcamp)

The Atticus Institute(2014),
Dracula AD 1972(1972),
Poltergeist The Legacy (Complete Season III - 1998),
Poltergeist III(1988),
Big Trouble In Little China(1986)

Music Videos From Youtube
Synlakross(Esp): Curly Wolves,
Necromesis(Bra): Indifferent Echoes Of Sensitivity,
Noctem(Esp): Eidolon,
Carach Angren(Hol): When Crows Tick On Windows,
Black Sabbath(Uk): The End Of The Beginning,
Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave(Hol): Queen Of Darkness(Audio Only),
Sickening Horror(Grc): The Day The Worms Became Kings(Official Lyrics Video),
Skeletal Remains(Usa): Parasitic Horrors(Audio Only),
Dawn Of Disease(Ger): Leprous Thoughts,
Age Of Taurus(Uk): Beyond The Westward Path(Audio Only),
Yob(Usa): The Screen(Audio Only),
Myrkur(Usa + Den): Onde Born,
Mum(Iceland): The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records,
Muse(Uk): Thought Contagion,
The Pierces(Hol): Secret,
Jeannie C.Riley(Usa): Harper Valley P.T.A,
Coven(Usa): One Tin Soldier(The Legend Of Billy Jack),
Allman Brothers Band(Usa): Midnight Rider,
Camila Cabello(Usa): Havana Ft Young Thug,
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds(Uk): Red Right Hand,
Cash Cash(Usa): I Like It Loud(Remix)(Transformers: Jazz),
Psy(South Korea): Gangnam Style Feat Hyuna(Transformers Prime: Knockout Feat Arcee),
Apocalyptica(Fin): I Don't Care(Transformers Prime: Knockout + Breakdown),
Pink(Usa): U And Ur Hand(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Britney Spears(Usa): Toxic(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Britney Spears(Usa): Criminal(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Violence(Usa): Take A Hint(Transformers Prime: Knockout + Starscream)

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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 11th June To 17th June   Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:55 am

Bella Morte - Beautiful Death (Gothic Rock) 2008
Ludovico Technique - Absence (Industrial Electro) 2017
Ministry - Filth Pig (Industrial Metal) 1995
Misery Loves Co. - Not like Them (Industrial Metal) 1997
Morgoth - Feel Sorry For The Fanatic (Post-Punk) 1996
Paradise Lost - Believe In Nothing (Gothic-Rock/Electro) 2001
Prong - Rude Awakening (Groove Metal) 1996
Punishable Act - Under The Flag (Hardcore) 2013
Satyricon - Volcano (Black Metal) 2002
Skeletal Remains - Devouring Mortality (Death Metal) 2018
Traitor - Knee-Deep in the Dead (Thrash Metal) 2018
Velvet Acid Christ - Calling Ov The Dead (Electro-Industrial) 1998
Velvet Acid Christ - Decypher (Electro-Industrial) 1999
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Playlist 11th June To 17th June
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