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 Top 20 Progressive Metal Albums Of 2017

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Top 20 Progressive Metal Albums Of 2017 Empty
PostSubject: Top 20 Progressive Metal Albums Of 2017   Top 20 Progressive Metal Albums Of 2017 I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 18, 2018 4:06 am

Top 20 Progressive Metal Albums Of 2017:-

1) Threshold(Uk): Legends Of The Shires(Progressive Metal)
2) Amr Constandi(Usa): The Masquerade(Progressive Metal)
3) Oresund Space Collective(Den): Hallucinations Inside The Oracle(Progressive Metal)
4) Negativehate(Usa): Solipsis(Experimental Progressive/Psychedelic Metal)
5) Prospekt(Uk): The Illuminated Sky(Progressive Metal)
6) The Vicious Head Society(Ire): Abject Tomorrow(Progressive Metal)
7) Telepathy(Uk): Tempest(Instrumental Progressive Metal)
8 ) Heterochrome(Iran): Melancholia(Progressive Metal)
9) Demon Hunters(China): The Fifth Day(Instrumental Progressive Metal)
10) Alien Encounters(Fra): A Brief History Of The Multiverse(Progressive Metal)
11) Leprous(Nor): Malina(Progressive Metal)
12) Return To Void(Fin): Return To Void(Progressive Metal/Hard Rock)
13) Scale The Summit(Usa): In A World Of Fear(Instrumental Progressive Metal/Rock)
14) Trigger(Australia): Cryogensis(Progressive Metal)
15) Voyager(Australia): Ghost Mile(Melodic Progressive Metal)
16) Terminal Degree(Usa)(Instrumental Progressive Metal)
17) Opposing Motion(Uk): Inertia(Progressive Metal)
18) Sergey Perunov(Rus): Black Dawn(Progressive Metal)
19) The Great Discord(Swe): The Rabbit Hole(Progressive Metal)
20) Flux Conduct(Uk): Yetzer Hara(Progressive Metal)

Other's worth mentioning:-
Chaos Inside(Austria): Freedom. System. Future. Illusion(Ep)(Progressive Metal)
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Top 20 Progressive Metal Albums Of 2017
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