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 Top 50 Doom Metal Albums Of 2017

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PostSubject: Top 50 Doom Metal Albums Of 2017   Top 50 Doom Metal Albums Of 2017 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2018 8:40 pm

Top 50 Doom Metal Albums Of 2017:-

1) Forgotten Tomb(Ita): We Own You Nothing(Gothic/Black/Doom Metal)
2) Electric Wizard(Uk): Wizard Bloody Wizard(Doom/Stoner Metal)
3) Wastes(Fra): Into The Void Of Human Vacuity(Funeral Doom Metal)
4) Avatarium(Swe): Hurricanes And Halos(Japanese Edition)(Doom Metal)
5) Die Like A Mayfly(Jpn): Leaves(Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal)
6) Alunah(Uk): Solennial(Doom Metal)
7) Hanging Garden(Fin): I Am Become(Melodic Doom/Death Metal)
8 ) Ixion(Fra): Return(Atmospheric Doom Metal)
9) In The Company Of Serpents(Usa): Ain-Soph Aur(Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal)
10) Forming The Void(Usa): Relic(Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal)
11) Funeralium(Fra): Of Throes Of Blight(Funeral Doom Metal)
12) Epitaph(Ita): Claws(Doom Metal)
13) Hadal(Ita): Painful Shadow(Doom/Death Metal)
14) Glare Of The Sun(Austria): Soil(Doom/Post-Metal)
15) Procession(Chl): Doom Decimation(Doom Metal)
16) Firebreather(Swe): Firebreather(Stoner/Doom Metal)
17) Illimitable Dolor(Australia): Illimitable Dolor(Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal)
18) Dark October(Can): Dusk(Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal)
19) Black Hand Throne(Usa): Sheol VI(Doom/Southern Metal)
20) All Them Witches(Usa): Sleeping Through The War(Stoner/Desert Rock)

21) The Crawling(Uk): Anatomy Of Loss(Death/Doom Metal)
22) Temple Of Void(Usa): Lords Of Death(Death/Doom Metal)
23) Wormwood(Usa): Mooncurse(Sludge/Doom Metal)
24) Bell(Swe): Tidecaller(Heavy/Doom Metal)
25) Bell Witch(Usa): Mirror Reaper(Sludge/Funeral Doom Metal)
26) Below(Swe): Upon A Pale Horse(Epic Doom Metal)
27) Black Tundra(Pol): Black Tundra(Doom/Sludge Metal)
28) Children Of Atom(Usa): Children Of Atom(Stoner/Desert Rock)
29) Red Moon Architect(Fin): Return Of The Black Butterflies(Melodic Death/Doom Metal)
30) Carved In Bone(Usa): Higher Consciousness(Stoner/Sludge Metal)

31) Brightly Painted Corpses(Usa): Consumed By A Sickness(Black/Doom Metal)
32) Coffin Burner(Usa): What Creeps(Sludge/Doom Metal)
33) Coltsblood(Uk): Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness(Doom/Sludge Metal)
34) Corruption(Pol): Spleen(Doom/Death Metal (early), Stoner Metal (later))
35) Cybernetic Witch Cult(Uk): Troglodithic Trip(Stoner Metal)
36) Harvestman(Usa): Music For Megaliths(Folk/Sludge/Drone Metal/Ambient)
37) Dead Witches(International): Ouijia(Stoner/Doom Metal)
38) Dopelord(Pol): Children Of The Haze(Stoner/Doom Metal)
39) Earth Witch(Usa): Out Of The Shadow(Stoner Metal)
40) The Bloody Earth(Serbia): Inevitable(Doom/Death Metal)

41) Fissures(Uk): The Long Winter(Doom/Black/Post-Metal)
42) Fleshpress(Fin): Hulluuden Muuri(Blackened Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal)
43) Church Of Void(Fin): ST(Doom Metal)
44) Season Of Arrows(Usa): Give It To The Mountain(Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal)
45) Unearthly Trance(Usa): Stalking The Ghost(Sludge/Black Doom)
46) Usnea(Usa): Portals Into Futility(Blackened Funeral Doom Metal)
47) Bastahaze(Jpn): Growing Anxiety(Stoner Metal)
48) Beastmaker(Usa): Inside The Skull(Doom Metal)
49) The Good Kind Of Mushroom(Usa): Matsutaken(Stoner/Doom Metal/Psychedelic Rock)
50) Daleth(Uk): Part I(Stoner/Doom Metal/Psychedelic Rock)

Other albums worth mentioning:-
So Much For The Sun(Uk): So Much For The Sun(Sludge Metal)
The Prophecy(Uk): Origins(Doom/Death Metal)
Spirit Adrift(Usa): Cursed Of Conception(Doom Metal)
Slow(Beligum): V - Oceans(Atmospheric Funeral Doom Metal)
Spectral Voice(Usa): Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing(Death/Doom Metal)
Loss(Usa): Horizonless(Death/Doom Metal)
Skeletal Spectre(Swe): Unnatural Disasters(Death/Doom Metal)
The Howling Eye(Pol): Dying Sun(Stoner/Doom Metal)

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Top 50 Doom Metal Albums Of 2017
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