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 Top 50 Black Metal Albums Of 2017

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PostSubject: Top 50 Black Metal Albums Of 2017   Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:32 pm

Top 50 Black Metal Albums Of 2017:-

1) Deadspace(Australia): The Liquid Sky(Depressive Black Metal)
2) Cold Body Radiation(Usa): The Orphean Lyre(Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze)
3) Gnaw Their Tongues(Hol): A Raven Flew Over The Land Of Beheaded Children(Ep)(Black Metal/Noise/Experimental)
4) Lonely Star(Usa): My Personal Heaven(Atmospheric Post-Black Metal)
5) Cloak Of Altering(Hol): I Reached For The Light That Drowned In Your Mouth(Avant Garde Black Metal)
6) De Magia Veterum(Hol): Naked Swords Into The Wombs Of The Enemy(Avant-Garde Black Metal)
7) Asthenia(China): Nucleation(Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze)
8 ) Enslaved(Nor): E(Progressive Black/Viking Metal)
9) Dodecahedron(Hol): Kwintessens(Black Metal/Avant Garde)
10) Zornheym(Swe): Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns(Symphonic Black/Death Metal)

11) Crescent Days(Ger): Unbloomed(Post Black Metal)
12) Dead Limbs(Bra): Spiritus-Sulphur(Atmospheric Black/Post-Metal)
13) Hades Rising(Nor): Hades Rising(Melodic Black/Death Metal)
14) Voices Of Decay(Swe): Evasion(Melodic Death/Black Metal)
15) Uhtcearu(Usa): For Darkness To Subside(Melodic Black Metal)
16) VoidSphere(International): To Call To Speak(Atmospheric Black Metal)
17) Shroud Ritual(Usa): Five Suns(Instrumental Progressive Black/Death Metal)
18) Silent Whale Becomes A Dream(Fra): Requiem(Post Black Metal)
19) Bloody Tyrant(Taiwan): Solitary Eagle(Melodic Black/Folk Metal)
20) An Autumn For Crippled Children(Hol): Trust(Ep)(Post-Black Metal)

21) Silphidae(Taiwan): Noice Cycle(Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal)
22) Weltschmerz(Ger): Static In The Presence Of Intrusive Consciousness(Ambient Black Metal/Post-Rock)
23) Abysmal Chaos(Usa): Contemplations(Depressive/Post-Black Metal)
24) No Point In Living(Jpn): I Will Die Tommorrow(Depressive Black Metal)
25) Shores Of Null(Ita): Black Drapes For Tommorrow(Melodic Black/Doom Metal)
26) Shade Empire(Fin): Poetry Of The Ill-Minded(Melodic Industrial Death/Black Metal)
27) Kalbautamann(Ger): Smaragd(Progressive/Folk/Black Metal)
28) Myrkur(Den): Mareridt(Black Metal)
29) Uten Hap(Svalbard): Rain(Depressive Black Metal)
30) Faceless Burial(Australia): Grotesque Miscreation(Black Metal)

31) Void Ritual(Usa): Heretical Wisdom(Black Metal)
32) Pure Wrath(Indonesia): Ascetic Eventide(Atmospheric Black Metal)
33) Sadness(Usa): Leave(Depressive Black Metal)
34) Spiderhunt(Rus): Sacred Blood(Ep)(Black Metal)
35) Drudkh(Ukr): Somewhere Sadness Wanders(Ep)(Black Metal)
36) Epaihminen(Fin): VII(Ambient/Black Metal)
37) Battle Dagorath(Int): II - Frozen Light Of Eternal Darkness(Black Metal/Ambient)
38) Dismal(China): Yi-Bai(Depressive Black Metal)
39) Aborym(Ita): Shifting Negative(Industrial Black Metal)
40) Wolves In The Throne Room(Usa): Thrice Woven(Black Metal)

41) Ramihrdus(Usa): Eternity(Black Metal/Ambient)
42) Raventale(Ukr): Planetarium(Black/Doom Metal)
43) Ritual Day(China): Devila Grantha(Melodic Black Metal)
44) Hagetisse(Hol): The Sinster Flight Of Cursed Souls Through Eternal Night(Ambient Black Metal)
45) Nyctophillia(Pol): Dwelling In The Fullmoon Light(Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal)
46) Profundum(Usa): Come, Holy Death(Symphonic Death/Black Metal)
47) Abandoned By Light(Uk): And Here I Stand, Betwixt Light And Dark(Depressive Black Metal)
48) Earth Rot(Australia): Renascentia(Death/Black Metal)
49) Cloak(Usa): To Venomous Depths(Black Metal/Rock)
50) Limbonic Art(Nor): Spectre Abysm(Symphonic Black Metal)

Other albums worth mentioning:-
Nullingroots(Usa): Into The Grey(Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze)
Smoke Dweller(Usa): Lost(Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient)

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Top 50 Black Metal Albums Of 2017
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