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 Playlist 16th October To 22nd October

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PostSubject: Playlist 16th October To 22nd October    Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:37 pm

Blaze Bayley - Infinite Entanglement (2016)
Blaze Bayley - Endure and Survive (Infinite Entanglement Part II) (2017)

Not sure what happened to him while he was recording The King of Metal but I did not like that album at all.
The last two though, amazing what a Full Concept albums.  Love the concept albums ever since King Diamond has done "them" and Conspiracy.
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 16th October To 22nd October    Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:40 pm

Playlist 16 10 17 To 22 10 17:-

Neptune's Inferno(Usa): Abyss,
Nervochaos(Bra): Nyctophilia,
Nest Of Vipers(Uk): Eternal Doom(Ep),
NettleCarrier(Nor): Black Coffin Rites,
Neurotech(Slovenia): In Remission,
New Keepers Of The Water Towers(Swe): Cosmic Child,
New Keepers Of The Water Towers(Swe): Infernal Machine,
Nex Carnis(Iran): Obscure Visions Of Dark,
Nightmare Lyre(Nor): Elements Of Suffering III: Hate,
Nightrage(Grc): Wearing A Martyr's Crown,
Nightsight(Rus): Nightsight,
Nile(Usa): What Should Not Be Unearthed,
Nine Treasures(China): Wisdom Eyes,
Ninnghizhidda(Ger): Demigod,
Njiqahdda(Usa): Serpents In The Sky,
No Limited Spiral(Jpn): Into The Marinesnow,
No More Room In Hell(Uk): No More Room In Hell,
No Pleasure In Life(Usa): Happiness Is Not An Option(Demo),
No Return(Fra): Fearless Walk To Rise,
Nocturnal Depression(Fra): Reflections Of A Sad Soul,
Nocturnal Witch(Ger): Into Dungeons(Ep),
Nomadic Rituals(Ire): DFWG(Demo),
Nothing Lies Above(Bra): Liber Teth,
November's Doom(Usa): Bled White,
November's Doom(Usa): Hamartia,
Nuclear Cthulhu(Rus): Desecration,
Nyctophilia(Pol): My Cold Journey Through Darkness(Ep),
Nyctophobia(Uk): Beyond The Pillars(Ep),
Oaks Of Bethel(Usa): Excommunicate,
Obake(Ita): Draugr,
Obelyskhh(Ger): Hymn To Pan,
Obituary(Usa): Obituary,
Obsequiae(Usa): Aria Of Vernal Tombs,
Obsidian Sea(Bulgaria): Dreams. Illusions. Obsessions,
Occult Burial(Can): Hideous Obscure,
Occult(Hol): Prepare To Meet Thy Doom,
Occult Veritas(Ita): The Inner Wail,
Occultation(Usa): Silence In The Ancestral House,
Oceanwake(Fin): Earthen,
Old Witch(Usa): Come Mourning Come

Neptune Towers(Nor): Transmissions From Empire Algol,
Neptune Towers(Nor): Caravans To Empire Algol,
Christopher Young: The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Score,
Christopher Young: Drag Me To Hell Score,
October Falls(Fin): The Plague Of A Coming Age

Hammer Horror: The Satanic Rites Of Dracula(1973),
Hammer Horror: Dracula AD 1972(1972),
The New Original Wonder Woman(1975),
The Curse Of The Werewolf(1961),
The Abandoned(aka The Confines - 2015),
Tales From The Crypt(1972),
Theatre Of Death(1966),
Suicide Squad(2014)

Music Videos From Youtube:-
Tricky Disco(Uk): Tricky Disco,
KLF(Uk): 3am Eternal,
Black Box(Usa): Ride On Time,
Black Box(Usa): Everybody, Everybody,
Cibo Matto(Jpn): Spoon,
Cibo Matto(Jpn): Sugar Water,
Marilyn Manson(Usa): This Is Halloween,
Danny Elfman(Usa): Remains Of The Day,
Morbid Angel(Usa): Rapture,
Brad Fidal(Usa): Come To Me(Fright Night 2),
Scar Symmetry(Swe): The Illusionist,
Iron Maiden(Uk): Number Of The Beast,
Judas Priest(Uk): Touch Of Evil,
Judas Priest(Uk): Painkiller
Seremonia(Fin): Pahuuden äänet,
Inter Arma(Usa): Paradise Gallows,
Inter Arma(Usa): Destroyer,
Electric Wizard(Uk): Turn Off Your Mind,
Electric Wizard(Uk): Black Magic Rituals & Perversions,
Electric Wizard(Uk): Devil's Bride,
Windhand(Usa): Orchard,
Below(Swe): Disappearing Into Nothing,
Beastmaker(Usa): Nature Of The Damned,
Ides Of Gemini(Usa): Heroine's Descent,
Superlynx(Nor): Center Of The Sun,
Kaunis Kuolematon(Fin): En Ole Mitään,
Pallbearer(Usa): I Saw The End,
Dead Witches(Int): Mind Funeral,
Arch Enemy(Swe): The Race,
Coven(Usa): Wicked Woman,
Cannibal Corpse(Usa): Red Before Black(Promo Video),
Rogue Traders(Usa): Voodoo Child,
Jeannie C Riley(Usa): Harper Valley PTA,
The Pierces(Hol): Secret,
Garbage(Usa): Only Happy When It Rains,
Blues Pills(Swe): Lady In Gold,
Adriana Figueroa(Usa): Spider Dance(Undertale Animation),
Katy Perry(Usa): Last Friday Night(Transformers Prime),
Pink(Usa): U And Ur Hand(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Skillet(Usa): Monster(Transformers Prime: Megatron),
Cash Cash(Usa): I Like It Loud(Transformers Prime: Soundwave),
Keisha(Usa): Take It Off(Transformers Prime: Decepticons),
Britney Spears(Usa): Toxic(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Britney Spears(Usa): Criminal(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Violence(Usa): Take A Hint(Transformers Prime: Knockout + Starscream)

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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 16th October To 22nd October    Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:10 pm

Obituary(Usa): Obituary I really enjoy this album \m/
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 16th October To 22nd October    

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Playlist 16th October To 22nd October
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