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 Playlist 11th September To 17th September

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PostSubject: Playlist 11th September To 17th September   Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:59 am

Playlist 11 09 17 To 17 09 17:-

Gnaw Their Tongues(Hol): Wenn Die Leere Seele Zur Holle Fahrt(Ep),
Gnaw Their Tongues(Hol): Abyss Of Longing Throats,
Goatmantra(Bra): Goatmantra(Ep),
Goatsnake(Usa): Black Age Blues,
Goatwhore(Usa): Vengeful Ascension,
Gods Of Hellfire(Uk): Beneath The Waves(Ep),
Golden Dawn(Austria): The Art Of Dreaming,
Gorod(Fra): A Maze Of Recycled Creeds,
Gossamer Veil(Uk): Evil,
Gothmog(Esp): A Step In The Dark,
Grace Disgraced(Rus): Lasting Afterdeaths,
Grave Disgrace(Rus): Triumphant & Militant Church,
Grave Ritual(Usa): Morbid Throne,
Grave(Swe): Endless Procession Of Souls,
Gravebomb(Swe): Rot In Putrid Filth,
GraveCoven(Usa): Coughing Blood(Demo),
Gravekeeper(Can): Gravekeeper(Demo),
Graves At Sea(Usa): The Curse That Is,
Graveyard Dirt(Ire): My Scourge, My Plague(Ep),
Graveyard(Esp): For Thine Is The Darkness,
Greedy Black Hole(Taiwan): Self,
Greenleaf(Swe): Rise Above The Meadow,
Grey Waters(Aus): Below The Ever Setting Sun(Ep),
Greytomb(Aus): A Perpetual Descent,
Grief(Swe): Where The Light Doesn't Shine,
Grief(Usa): Dismal,
Grieving Mirth(International): Calmaitosvs Omine,
Grond(Rus): Worship The Kraken,
H.I.V.E(Can): Emergence,
Haagenti(Usa): Daemonic Incursions(Demo),
Haarp(Usa): The Filth,
Hades Almighty(Nor): Pyre Era, Black!(Ep),
Hades Rising(Nor): Hades Rising,
Hadraan(Fra): Noire Valse & Macabre Theatre(Demo),
Hagetisse(Hol): Werg Devoot,
Hail Spirit Noir(Grc): Pneuma,
Hail Spirit Noir(Grc): Oi Magoi,
Hail Spirit Noir(Grc): Mayhem In Blue,
Happy Days(Usa): Happiness Stops Here,
Harakiri For The Sky(Austria): III - Trauma,
Hate(Pol): Tremendum(Deluxe Edition),
Hatefulmurder(Bra): Red Eyes,
Heavy Temple(Usa): Heavy Temple(Ep),
Heavydeath(Swe): In Circles We Die,
Hecate(Egypt): The Order Of The Black Light,
Hela(Esp): Broken Cross,
Hellfire Deathcult(Usa): Death Worship(Ep)

Coven(Usa): 40 Years Of Hell,
Coven(Usa): Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls,
Godflesh(Uk): Hymns,
Grails(Usa): Chalice Hymnal,
Grained(Ger): Tunes From The Void,
Graveflowers(Usa): Long Drawn Out Goodbye(Demo),
Grimwald(Ger): Grimwald,
Half Gramme Of Soma(Grc): Groove Is Black,
Cliff Martinez: The Neon Demon Score,
Marc Shaiman: The Addams Family OST

Live At The Dome
Galley Beggar(Uk),

Steve Hughes(Aus): Don't Give Kids Drugs(Comedy Sketch),
Steve Hughes(Aus): War On Terror(Comedy Sketch),
Black Swan(2010),
Theatre Of Death(1966),
House On Haunted Hill(1999),
The Addams Family(1991),
The Addams Family Values(1993),

Music Videos From Youtube
Galley Beggar(Uk): Moon & Tide,
The Ting Tings(Uk): That's Not My Name,
The Ting Tings(Uk): Shut Up + Let Me Go,
The Ting Tings(Uk): Great DJ,
Garbage(Usa): Only Happy When It Rains,
L7(Usa): Stuck Here Again,
With The Dead(Uk): Isolation,
Gnaw Their Tongues(Hol): Spit At Me And Wreck Havoc On My Flesh,
Crescent(Egypt): Pyramid Slaves,
Pravia(Pol): Sadistic,
Maahlas(Pol): Nightmare Years,
Izegrim(Hol): Time To Run,
Bloodred Hourglass(Fin): Valkyrie,
Blynd(Cyprus): Al-Kimyia,
Nightland(Ita): Alpha Et Omega,
Adriana Figueroa(Usa): Spider Dance(Undertale Animation),
Hatsune Miku(Jpn): Levan Polka(Seeker Polka),
Cash Cash(Usa): I Like It Loud(Transformers Prime: Soundwave),
Pink(Usa): U And Ur Hand(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Psy(South Korea): Gangnam Style Feat Hyuna(Transformers Prime: Knockout Feat Arcee),
Britney Spears(Usa): Toxic(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Britney Spears(Usa): Criminal(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Violence(Usa): Take A Hint(Transformers Prime: Knockout + Starscream)

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Playlist 11th September To 17th September
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