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 Playlist 16th January To 22nd January

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PostSubject: Playlist 16th January To 22nd January   Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:17 pm

Playlist 16 01 17 To 22 01 17:-

Darkspace(Switz): Darkspace III,
Demilich(Fin): Nespithe,
Endless Dismal Moan(Jpn): Curse Of Underground,
Flowing Tears(Ger): Jade,
Forbidden(Usa): Distortion,
Forgotten Tomb(Ita): Songs To Leave,
Frantic Amber(Swe): Burning Insight,
Funeral(Nor): As The Light Does The Shadow,
Gallhammer(Jpn): Beyond The Hatred(Ep).
Ghast(Uk): Terrible Cemetery(Ep),
Ghost(Swe): Opus Eponymous,
Gnaw Their Tongues(Hol):...Spasming And Howling, Bowels Loosening And Bladders Emptying, Vomiting Helplessly...(Compilation),
Gnaw Their Tongues(Hol): For All Slaves A Sense Of False Hope(Ep),
Gnaw Their Tongues(Hol): The Blotched And The Unwanted,
Grave(Swe): Out Of Respect For The Dead(Deluxe Edition),
Green Carnation(Nor): Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness,
Hooded Menace(Fin): Fulfill The Curse,
Inconcessus Lux Lucis(Uk): Disintergration: Psalms Of Veneration For The Nefarious Elite,
Insomnium(Fin): Across The Dark,
Ixion(Fra): To The Void,
King Diamond(Den): Abigail,
Latitudes(Uk): Bleak Epiphanies In Slow Motion(Ep),
Leviathan(Usa): The Tenth Sub Level Of Suicide,
Limb(Uk): Terminal,
Longing For Dawn(Can): One Lonely Path,
Lordi(Fin): The Arockalypse,
Lurker Of Chalice(Usa): Lurker Chalice

Die So Fluid(Uk): Spawn Of Dysfunction,
Die So Fluid(Uk): Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending,
Die So Fluid(Uk): The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime,
Die So Fluid(Uk): The Opposites Of Light,
James Horner: Avatar Score,
Earth(Usa): The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull,
Joseph LoDuca: Evil Dead Score,
Joseph LoDuca: Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn Score,
Joseph LoDuca: Army Of Darkness(Evil Dead III) Score,
Hans Zimmer: Pirates Of The Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest Score,
Hans Zimmer: Pirates Of The Caribbean III: At World's End Score,
Harald Kloser: The Day After Tommorrow Score.
Inkubus Sukkubus(Uk): Wytches,
Jerry Goldsmith: Total Recall(The Deluxe Edition) Score,
Katatonia(Swe): Viva Emptiness,
Lacuna Coil(Ita): Karmacode

The X-Files Complete Season I(1993),
The Fury(1978)

Music Videos From Youtube
Cynic(Usa): True Hallucination Speak,
Rob Zombie(Usa): Demonoid Phenomenon,
Die So Fluid(Uk): Spawn Of Dysfunction,
Britney Spears(Usa): Toxic(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Britney Spears(Usa): Criminal(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Violence(Usa): Take A Hint(Transformers Prime: Knockout + Starscream),
Britney Spears(Usa): Circus(Transformers Prime: Knockout + Starscream),
Katy Perry(Usa): Last Friday Night(Transformers Prime),
Cash Cash(Usa): I Like It Loud(Transformers Prime: Soundwave),
Psy(South Korea): Gangnam Style Feat Hyuna(Transformers Prime: Knockout Feat Arcee),
Pink(Usa): U And Ur Hand(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Hatsune Miku(Jpn): Levan Polka(Seeker Polka),
Adriana Figueroa(Usa): Spider Dance(Undertale Animation),
Children Of Bodom(Fin): Transference,
Children Of Bodom(Fin): Every Time I Die,
Children Of Bodom(Fin): Needled 24/7,
Arch Enemy(Swe): You Will Know My Name,
Frantic Amber(Swe): Wrath Of Judgement,
Ghost(Swe): Square Hammer,
Metro(Aus): Dumb Ways To Die,
Queens Of The Stone Age(Can): No One Knows,
Muse(Uk): Knights Of Cydonia,
Muse(Uk): Supermassive Black Hole,
Muse(Uk): Uprising,
Forbidden(Usa): Hope-Nosis

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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 16th January To 22nd January   Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:24 pm

Space Chaser - Dead Sun Rising (2016)
Them - Sweet Hollow (2016)
Fury - Lost in Space (2016)
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 16th January To 22nd January   Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:16 pm

Abigail - Sweet Baby Metal Slut
Abigail - The Final Damnation
Aerosmith - Toys In The Attic
Barbarian - Cult From The Empty Grave
Bat - Wings Of Chains
Black Sabbath - Seventh Star
Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth
Cannibal Corpse - Vile
Crucified Mortals - Psalms Of The Dead Choir
Deceased Surreal Overdose
Deranged - Struck By A Murderous Siege
Fastway - Fastway
Gehennah - Too Loud To Live, Too Drunk To Die
Kiss - Killers
Kiss - Lick It Up
Macabre - Gloom
Megadeth - So Far, So Good... So What!
Megadeth - The System Has Failed
Nuke - Nuke
Obituary - The End Complete
Pentagram - Day Of Reckoning
Quiet Riot - Metal Health
Richie Kotzen - Electric Joy
Slayer - Hell Awaits
Suicidal Tendencies - How Wiil I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today
Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake
The Mentors - Ducefixion
The Misfits - Collection II
Throneum - Morbid Death Tales
Uriah Heep - Demons And Wizards
Uriah Heep - Abominog
Van Halen - Van Halen
Void Meditation Cult - Utter The Tongue Of The Dead
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 16th January To 22nd January   Sat Jan 28, 2017 6:56 am

Black Mood - Squalid Garden (Sludge/Doom/Southern) 2016
Entrapment - Through Realms Unseen (Death Metal) 2016
Khonsu - The Xun Protectorate (Black/Industrial/Prog) 2016
Krypts - Remnants of Expansion (Death Metal) 2016
Lay Down Rotten - paralyzed By Fear (Melodic Death Metal) 2003
Malignant Tumour - The Metallist (Crust/Heavy) 2016
Morgoth - The Eternal Fall - Resurrection Absurd (Death Metal) 1991
My Darkest Hate - Anger Temple (Death Metal) 2016
Nailbomb - Point Blank (Industrial/Thrash) 1994
Obituary - Cause Of Death (Death Metal) 1990
Phantom Corporation - First Commandment (Death/Thrash) 2016
The Haunted - The Haunted Made Me Do It (Death/Thrash) 2000
Void King - There Is Nothing (Stoner/Doom) 2016
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 16th January To 22nd January   

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Playlist 16th January To 22nd January
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