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 Updates Coming Soon

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PostSubject: Updates Coming Soon   Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:27 pm

Sorry for the lack of participation on the forum, but things got a bit busy lately. I will be catching up on threads in the next few days.

On to the latest happenings:

1. A contest is being worked on. There will be a prize pack. As for what type of contest it will be is being debated on. It will be announced soon.

2. The show is going to be more interactive. Skype is going to be integrated into the broadcasting equipment I use.

3.The station website will get redesign in 2017 and the forum is going to be integrated into the redesign.

4. I get asked about donations. Ever since I took over the station under it's old name in 2011 and changed its name in 2014, I've made a vow to never take money from the listeners. That's why you also don't see a store selling worthless junk like coffee mugs, key chains, etc. I couldn't live with myself if I see all the supporters as dollar signs. It's flattering that everyone wants to donate, but there is no need.

More updates to follow.
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Updates Coming Soon
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