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 Playlist 10th October To 16th October

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PostSubject: Playlist 10th October To 16th October   Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:44 am

Playlist 10 10 16 To 16 10 16:-

Lathspell(Fin): Torn Cold Void,
Latitudes(Uk): Old Sunlight,
Lothorian(Bel): Beyond The Astral Mind,
Ludicrous(Fin): The Stoic Ideal,
Lungrot(Usa): Deluge Of Gilgamesh,
Machine Kill(Uk): Dead Hand Initiative,
Monolith(Ger): Mountain,
Monolithe(Fra): Zeta Reticuli,
Morte(Argentina): Lento Descenso A La Putrefaccion(Ep),
Negative Slug(Croatia): Tumor,
Negative Voice(Rus): Cold Redrafted,
Nekrasov(Aus): Negative Temple,
Neurotech(Slovenia): In Remission,
New Keepers Of The Water Towers(Swe): Infernal Machine,
October Tide(Swe): Winged Waltz,
Oranssi Pazuzu(Fin): Varahtelijia,
Pyramido(Swe): Vatten,
Rat King(Usa): Garbage Island,
Ritual Chamber(Usa): Obscurations(To Feast On The Seraphim),
Rogash(Ger): Malevolence,
Schrei Aus Stein(Usa): Wanderwege,
Serpent Wraith(Jpn): Rise From Nothing,
Setekh(Usa): Spectral Lights,
Shapeless Sphere(Ita): Shieldead,
Shroud Of Despondency(Usa): Of Origin, Conflict And Recurrence,
Solothus(Fin): No King Reigns Eternal,
Sorcery(Swe): Garden Of Bones,
Spektr(Fra): The Art To Disappear,
Spider Kitten(Uk): Ark Of Octofelis,
Stone Magnum(Usa): Holy Blessings To None

Long Distance Calling(Ger): Trips,
Purson(Uk): Desire's Magic Theatre,
Red Sun Cult(Colombia): Red Sun Cult,
Rob Zombie(Usa): The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser

Hammer Horror: Blood From The Mummy's Tomb(1971),
They Live(1988),
The Devil's Rejects(2005),
Night Of The Eagle(1962),
Blood Ties(1991),
Grave Halloween(2013),
The Forest(2016),
Night Of The Demon(1957),
The Undead(1956)

Music Videos From Youtube
Rage Against The Machine(Usa): Killing In The Name,
Kitties Of Death(Aus): Grave,
Myrath(Tun): Endure The Silence,
Myrath(Tun): Duat,
Britney Spears(Usa): Toxic(Transformers Prime: Knockout + Starscream)
Britney Spears(Usa): Criminal(Transformers Prime: Knockout)
Violence(Usa): Take A Hint(Transformers Prime),
Pink(Usa): U And Ur Hand(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Psy(South Korea) Feat Hyuna: Gangnam Style(Transformers Prime: Knockout Feat Arcee),
Adriana Figueroa(Usa): Spider Dance(Undertale Animation),
Gallhammer(Jpn): World To Be Ashes,
Gallhammer(Jpn): Hallucination,
Sigh(Jpn): Kaedit Nos Pestis(Audio Only),
Black Moth(Uk): Looner,
Hatsune Miku(Jpn): Levan Polka(Seeker Polka),
Cascade(Usa): Evacuate The Dancefloor(Transformers Prime),
Coven(Usa): One Tin Soldier(The Legend Of Billy Jack),
Purson(Uk): The Window Cleaner,
Cibo Matto(Jpn): Spoon,
Metallica(Usa): Nothing Else Matters

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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 10th October To 16th October   Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:09 pm

Sodom - Decision Day (2016)
Sodom - Epitome of Torture (2013)
Sodom - In War and Pieces (2010)
Sodom - The Final Sign of Evil (2007)
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 10th October To 16th October   Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:37 pm

Aerosmith - Toys In The Attic
Bastard Priest - Ghouls Of The Endless Night
Blood Incantation - Starspawn
Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back To Life
Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth
Cinderella - Night Songs
Cirith Ungol - King Of The Dead
Coroner - Mental Vortex
Death - Leprosy
Death - Individual Thought Patterns
Entombed - Wolverine Blues
Godless Rising - Rising Hatred
Gravewurm - Doomed To Eternity
Gravewurm - Into The Dungeon
Gwar - War Party
Hallows Eve - Monument
Hellvetron - Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And It's Infernal Majesties
Kiss - Dressed To Kill
Kiss - Dynasty
Kiss - Music From The Elder
Kiss - Crazy Nights
Manilla Road - Crystal Logic
Manilla Road - The Circus Maximus
Megadeth - Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
Megadeth - Rust In Peace
Mercyful Fate - 9
Metallica - ...And Justice For All
Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick
Nunslaughter - Goat
Obituary - The End Complete
Rainbow - Rainbow
Ratt - Out Of The Cellar
Revenant - Prophecies Of A Dying World
Richie Kotzen - Peace Sign
Running Wild - Victory
Saint Vitus - Mournful Cries
Sathanas - Flesh For The Devil
Slayer - Divine Intervention
Suicidal Tendencies - Join The Army
The 3rd And The Mortal - Sorrow
The 3rd And The Mortal - Nightswan
The Mentors - Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll
The Misfits - Collections II
The Winery Dogs - Hot Streak
Uriah Heep - Demons And Wizards
W.A.S.P. - Still Not Black Enough
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 10th October To 16th October   Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:45 am

Army of the Universe - 1999 & The Aftershow (Industrial Dance) 2016
Blood Red Throne - Union of Flesh and Machine (Death Metal) 2016
Centinex - Doomsday Rituals (Death Metal) 2016
Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion (Thrash Metal) 2016
Electric Six - Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres (Disco Rock) 2016
Entombed - The Best of Entombed (Death Metal) 2016
Faderhead - Anima In Machina(Future Pop/EBM) 2016
Gatecreeper - Sonoran Depravation (Death Metal) 2016
Hellbringer - Awakened from the Abyss (Thrash/Speed) 2016
Imperium Dekadenz - Dis Manibvs (Black Metal) 2016
Live Burial - Forced Back to Life (Death/Doom) 2016
Manny Ribera - Keep 'em Down (Hard Rock) 2016
Mercury Falling - Introspection (Progressive/Power) 2016
Meshiaak - Alliance of Thieves (Progressive/Thrash) 2016
My Regime - Dogmas (Thrash Metal) 2016
Profanatica - The Curling Flame of Blasphemy (Black/Death) 2016
Proke - As You Sow, So You Shall Reap (Death/Groove) 2016
Rising - Oceans into Their Graves (Groove/Hardrock/Sludge) 2016
Sahg - Memento Mori (Doom Metal) 2016
Sapientia - Circulata Mercurius (Blackened Death) 2016
Sarabante - Poisonous Legacy (Crust/Hardcore) 2016
Skeletonwitch - The Apothic Gloom (Melodic Death/Thrash) 2016
Stonehead - Inner Demons (Stoner/Doom) 2016
Suicidal Tendencies - World Gone Mad (Crossover Thrash) 2016
Swans - The Glowing Man (No Wave) 2016
Ungod - Bewitched by Sins and Lust (Black Metal) 2016
Void Obelisk - A Journey Through the Twelve Hours of the Night (Sludge/Drone/Doom) 2016
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 10th October To 16th October   Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:36 pm

Mercyful Fate - 9

This is my favorite from them \m/
Just an amazing album!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Playlist 10th October To 16th October   

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Playlist 10th October To 16th October
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