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 Playlist 26th September To 2nd October

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Playlist 26th September To 2nd October Empty
PostSubject: Playlist 26th September To 2nd October   Playlist 26th September To 2nd October I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2016 12:31 pm

Playlist 26 09 16 To 02 10 16:-

Brightly Painted Corpses(Usa): The Soundtrack To Rejection,
Brightly Painted Corpses(Usa): Adapting To The Cold,
Camel Of Doom(Uk): Terrestrial,
Candlemass(Swe): Death Thy Lover(Ep),
Cerebral Desecration(Usa): Incarnation,
Chalice Of Suffering(Usa): For You I Die,
Catacombs(Usa): In The Depths Of R'lyeh,
Chrome Ghost(Usa): Choir Of The Lost Spirits,
Chthe'ilist(Can): La Dernier Crepuscule,
Clouds Taste Satanic(Usa): Dawn Of The Satanic Age,
ColdWorld(Ger): Autumn,
ColdWorld(Ger): Melancholie,
Cold Womb Descent(Pol): Rise Of Ldaovh,
Cough(Usa): Ritual Abuse,
Cough(Usa): Still They Pray,
Darkthrone(Nor): Hate Them,
Darkthrone(Nor): Sardonic Wrath,
Darkthrone(Nor): Arctic Thunder,
Dawn Of Ashes(Usa): Theophany,
Darkspace(Switz): Darkspace III I,
De Magia Veterum(Hol): In Conspectu Divinae Majestatis,
Decembre Noir(Grc): Forsaken Earth,
Decibel(Usa): Reborn,
Dead Existence(Uk): Endless Misery,
Deadspace(Australia): The Promise Of Oblivion,
Doomcult(Hol): End All Life,
Dopethrone(Can): 1312(Ep),
Dormant Ordeal(Pol): We Had It Coming,
Dr Shrinker(Usa): Contorted Diormaic Palette,
Drawn From Ichor(Uk): Forgotten Architecture,
Dreaming Of December(Rus): Cold Breath Of Eternity,
Eichenwald(Rus): Eichenwald

Chthonic(Taiwan): Timeless Sentence(Acoustic),
Cynic(Usa): Kindly Bent To Free Us(Deluxe Edition),
Cynic(Usa): The Portal Tapes(Compilation),
Accurst(Cyprus): Fragments Of A Nightmare(Remastered)

Predator 2(1990),
Banger TV: Darkthrone's Feniz Interview(Raw & Uncut - 2013 Documentary),
Sleepy Hollow(1999),
Rosemary's Baby(1968),
The Fog(2005 Version)

Music Videos From Youtube:-
Madder Mortem(Nor): My Name Is Silence,
Myrath(Tun): Endure The Silence,
The Pierces(Hol): Secret,
Katy Perry(Usa): Dark Horse,
Katy Perry(Usa): Last Friday Night(Transformers Prime),
Doro(Ger): Wildstyle's Tattooed Angels,
Darkthrone(Nor): Rust,
Violence(Usa): Take A Hint(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Britney Spears(Usa): Criminal(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Britney Spears(Usa): Toxic(Transformers Prime: Knockout),
Psy(South Korea): Feat Hyuna - Gangnam Style(Transformers Prime: Knockout Feat Arcee),
Mayhem(Usa): Rapture,
Pink(Usa): Who Knew(Transformers Prime: Knockout And Breakdown),
Clouds Taste Satanic(Usa): Beast From The Sea,
Clouds Taste Satanic(Usa): We Die We Live,
Hatsune Miku(Jpn): Levan Polka(Seeker Polka),
SepticFlesh(Grc): Anubis(Mahasoun Metal Bellydance),
Sheryl Crow(Usa): Everyday Is A Winding Road,
Sheryl Crow(Usa): All I Wanna Do,
Shania Twain(Usa): I'm Gonna Getcha Good(Red Picture Version),
Die So Fluid(Uk): Spawn Of Dysfunction,
Die So Fluid(Uk): Crime Scene,
Chthonic(Taiwan): Defenders Of Bu-Tik Palace,
Ghost BC(Swe): Secular Haze,
ColdWorld(Ger): A Dream Of A Dead Sun(Audio Only),
Leila(Iran): Underwaters(One For Keni)(Avivos: Anything Can Fly),
Garbage(Usa): Untouchable(Audio Only),
Cibo Matto(Jpn): Spoon,
Cibo Matto(Jpn): Sugar Water

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Playlist 26th September To 2nd October Empty
PostSubject: Re: Playlist 26th September To 2nd October   Playlist 26th September To 2nd October I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2016 11:18 am

Asphyx - Incoming Death (Death/Doom) 2016
Asschapel - Total Destruction (1996​-​2006) (Death/Thrash) 2016
Bloodbath - The Wacken Carnage (Death Metal) 2008
Brant Bjork - Gods and Godesses (Stoner Rock) 2010
Crator - The Ones Who Create : The Ones Who Destroy (Technical Death/Black) 2016
Kataklysm - Serenity In Fire (Death Metal) 2004
Milking The Goatmachine - Back from the Goats... A GoatEborg Fairy Tale (Brutal Death/Grind) 2009
Misery Loves Co. - Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share (Industrial Metal) 2000
Panic Lift - Awake (Darc Electro) 2014
Panic Lift - Skeleton Key (Darc Electro) 2016
Perturbator - The Uncanny Valley (Retro Electro) 2016
Perturbator - The Uncanny Valley Expansion (Retro Electro) 2016
She Past Away - Narin Yalnizlik (Dark Wave) 2015
The Conjuring - Tortured Spirits (Thrash Metal) 2016
Trap Them - Crown Feral (Grindcore/Crust Punk) 2016
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Playlist 26th September To 2nd October
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