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 Top 30 Black Metal Albums Of 2015

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PostSubject: Top 30 Black Metal Albums Of 2015   Wed Jan 27, 2016 3:23 pm

Top 30 Black Metal Albums Of 2015:-

1) Sigh(Jpn): Graveward(Black/Avant-Garde Metal)
2) Lychgate(Uk): An Antidote For The Glass Pill(Black Metal)
3) Leviathan(Usa): Scar Sighted(Black Metal/Ambient)
4) Bloody Tyrant(Taiwan): The Legacy Of Sun-Moon Lake(Melodic Black/Folk Metal)
5) Echoes Of The Moon(Usa): Entropy(Atmospheric Post-Black Metal)
6) Morkesagn(Ukr): Where The Darkness Never Ends(Black Metal)
7) Ethereal(Uk): Opus Aethereum(Black Metal (early), Symphonic
Black/Death/Doom Metal (later))
8 ) Lifeless(Mex): Inner Shouts From A Sad Soul(Ambient/Depressive Black Metal)
9) Midnight Odyssey(Australia): Shards Of Silver Fade(Ambient Black Metal)
10) Gnaw Their Tongues(Hol): Abyss Of Longing Throats(Black
11) Lunar Mantra(Uk): Genesis(Ep)(Black Metal/Ambient)
12) An Autumn For Crippled Children(Hol): The Long Goodbye(Post-Black Metal)
13) Forest Troll(Bulgaria): Hex(Ambient Black Metal)
14) Nightsight(Rus): Nightsight(Melodic Black Metal)
15) Rotten Light(Esp): II. A Way Of Life That You Can't Understand(Depressive Black Metal)
16) Wisdom Of Shadows(Belarus): Sciah Vosieni(Black Metal, Ambient)
17) Atheria(Grc): Prevent It Forever Be(Dark Ambient/Black Metal)
18) Colorless Forest(Rus): White Abysmal Tomb(Ambient Black Metal)
19) Akhlys(Usa): The Dreaming I(Dark Ambient (early), Black Metal (later))
20) Uncanny Reality(Uk): Algor Mortis(Ambient Black Metal)

21) Black Candle Ritual(Usa): Passages Of Black Devotion(Black Metal)
22) Ormstunga(Usa): Nefarious Sagas(Symphonic Black Metal)
23) Reluctant Mortem(Usa): The Allure Of A Dying Soul(Melodic Black/Death Metal)
24) Epic Death(Usa): Witchcraft(Symphonic Black/Death Metal)
25) Voidcrawler(Usa): My Blank Pages(Ambient Black Metal)
26) Goat Torment(Belgium): Sermons To Death(Black Metal)
27) Mykur(Den): M(Black Metal)
28) Age Of Nefilim(Usa): Cataclysm In The Land Of The Watchers(Symphonic Black Metal)
29) Vials Of Wrath(Usa): Days Without Names(Ambient Black Metal)
30) Vardan(Ita): The Night, The Loneliness(Black Metal)

Other albums worth mentioning:-
Akrasia(Usa): The Eighth Sphere(Black Metal)
Suffocated By Misery(International): Despondent And Cold(Depressive Black Metal)

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Top 30 Black Metal Albums Of 2015
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